Extraordinary member

Willem Jan Noordhuizen

Member of the Council since March 2019

Born in Rotterdam on June 30th 1964



1989- 1996

Master’s in Dutch Civil Law, at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands;

1996 - 2000

Law clerk (gerechtsauditeur) for the Dutch Supreme Court (Hoge Raad der Nederlanden), section Civil Law;

1995 – 1999

Managing Director TMF Nederland B.V;

2000 - 2004

Judge with the court of The Hague (Arrondissementsrechtbank s Gravenhage), section Civil Law;

2004 - 2009

Member of The Joint Court of Justice of the Netherlands-Antilles and Aruba, as judge stationed in Aruba, August, 2004 and on Sint Maarten, August, 2006;

2003 - 2012

CEO of the TMF Group Holdco B.V.;

2009 - 2013

Judge with the court of appeals of Amsterdam (Gerechtshof Amsterdam), section Civil Law ;

2013 - 2014

Member of The Joint Court of Justice of Auba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, as judge stationed on Aruba;

2014 - 2018

President of the Committee on Supervision of Attorneys (Raad van Toezicht voor de Advocatuur);

2018 – Present

Admitted to the bar on Augustus 21, 2018 (Aruba), civil Law Lawyer at De Cuba Wever Attorneys at Law





Master’s in Dutch Civil Law


Secondary Activities


Co-author of the book Nederlands-Antilliaans en Arubaans huurrecht;

2003 - present

Co-founder and member of the editorial staff of the weekly magazine Kluwer Dutch civil law jurisprudence (Nederlandse Jurispruntie Feitenrechtspraak);

2017 - present

Member of the board of the Foundation Post Academic Education of Legal Professionals (Stichting Professionele Ontwikkeling Praktijkjuristen)